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  • HG WAR

    HG WAR is a flash-based military real time strategy game. The object of the game is to command your army and try to defeat and conquer the enemy to control their base. The game features 11 exciting missions, each progressively more difficult, but provides a rewarding experience once the mission is completed.

    The game screen allows the user to scroll in all directions to view the large combat zone which allows you to strategically command your army. There are various units under your command including infantry soldiers, tanks, war planes (fighters and bombers), and more.

    HG WAR is ambitious in its approach considering it was developed as a flash game with true real time strategy elements.

    HG WAR also includes an extensive in-game tutorial which guides you through the various nuances of the game.

    Gamers can literally spends hours enjoying this game which features very good graphics, excellent sound, and solid gameplay.

    Options: Gamers can choose 4 different sides (Red, Green, Yellow, and Blue) and 4 Levels (Easy, Normal, Hard, and Impossible).

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