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    Valet Parking 3D is a free 3D parking game! The goal of the game is to park as many cars as you possibly can before the timer runs out! The more cars you park, the more money you make. Just make sure you park the car where the customer asks you to, or you'll forget which car to bring back when the customer returns to pick it up!

    When you start the game, you need to look at the entrance for any cars that need to be parked. The customer will get out and take a number. Remember the number as you have to park in the bay with the same number.

    Once the customer takes a number enter the car by pressing the SPACEBAR. Use the ARROW KEYS to drive the car into the correct bay. However, you must drive carefully as every bump or scratch on the car will be taken from your wages. If you cause too much damage, you'll be fired!

    When a customer come back for their car, you must quickly find it and return it to them. The longer you take, the less tips you'll receive.

    This 3D parking game features excellent 3D graphics and detailed textures. Fun, addictive game play!


    Walk = ARROW KEYS
    Run = hold Z key while walking
    Enter/Exit Car = SPACEBAR

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  • not available

  • KIT LETTOW - 10/08/2014

    it took me a long time to figure out how to download, but in the end it was worth it


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